It’s hard to give what you didn’t get… : ADDRESSING PARENTAL ANGER

There’s a grief that comes with parenthood. It came the moment I snapped at my two-year old and I woke up and had this numb sensation that I was not the parent I hoped I would be. I was angry and I didn’t even know it.   I have…


Ever since I was a little girl I had a fascination for and love of all things pregnancy, birth and baby. I used to believe so strongly that I could manifest a baby brother or sister out of thin air.   Fast forward to adulthood and…

SHIFTING FOCUS: From me to we, and back to baby

Touching on the concept of matrescence in our last article & the very tangible changes that take place both physically and emotionally when baba arrives, this month we take a closer look at possibly the biggest shift of all that takes place…


Like adolescence, matrescence is a transitionary period. The process of becoming a mother is an identity shift - a neurobiological experience - one of the most significant physical and psychological changes a woman will ever go through. When…
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Meet the Mamas Behind Babalust

Behind every big baby, there is a very strong (wo)man. And while we're all about putting our babies first, we thought you might like to get to know the people picking and putting forward products for your own little darlings. Meet the Mamas…

How does buying a gift from a registry work?

1. Browse your friend’s baby registry and choose a gift you’d like to purchase for them.
2. Press the “Add to Cart” button on the item.
3. From there, you can choose to add more gifts or to proceed to Checkout.
4. At Checkout, you can add a special message, select if you would to add gift wrapping and pay using any of our payment methods.

We’ll deliver your gift to their babyshower* or you can choose to have the gift delivered to you instead to wrap and bring it along to the event yourself.

*You won’t need to take a gift with you to the event. The registry closes 1 week prior to the event and we will have your gift delivered to the event ready to be opened with the other gifts. If you’ve chosen for your gift to be gift wrapped, it will be dolled up in our beautiful Babalustful gift wrapping.