About Us

Trusted. Responsible. Local.

As first time Moms, co-founders Kim and Nikki experienced first hand the overwhelming task of preparing their lives and homes for the welcoming of a new-born baby. 

Searching to equip themselves with the necessary baby products they found a confusing trend. Trying to find trustworthy advice, unbiased product reviews and quality goods that didn’t come with a list of chemicals as long as their arm, seemed to be impossible. Nothing made them feel confident that the decisions they were making would be the right ones for the little life that was about to come into the world.

And when it finally came time for the inevitable baby shower, their frustrations were compounded. Each receiving countless duplicates of products that didn’t cater for their needs. It was misplaced generosity and a lack of a tailored system that set them on a path that has changed the way we get to look after our expectant moms and dads…

Inspired to find a way to help other expectant mothers overcome the issues they had encountered, Nikki and Kim turned motivation into action and began working on an idea.  A trusted source. Something that started as simply as a list. It grew into a bespoke platform that would have an incredible impact on moms around the country. 

So the Babalust brand was born. It’s an online treasure chest that gives moms-to-be access to an array of high-quality baby products sourced from local brands, recommended and reviewed by four networks of mothers. It’s a registry that not only gives a solution to how to avoid the inevitable pile of 0-3 month old baby grows that gather dust in a cupboard, but most importantly does all the hard work of researching and sourcing products that make that first step of being a great mom all the easier.

We wanted to give moms the ability to create their own “babalist”, an online checklist that could be sent to friends and family detailing exactly what they needed in the lead up to their baby showers. This would give the expectant mom the opportunity to better plan and prepare for their baby’s formative months and give their friends and family a guiding hand on exactly how to help out! 

We feel passionately about the opportunity that Babalust presents to tackle wasteful consumerism associated with a new baby and rather to focus on helping support and develop local economy.

With a list of suppliers hand picked by Kim and Nikki, the dynamic duo decided to partner with two entrepreneurially minded individuals, Matt and Digby, who were instrumental in developing the business side of things. Together the team has worked tirelessly to ensure the creation of an entity that helps both local moms and businesses thrive.


Give the perfect gift to the new family.


Just a couple steps to start adding gifts.

How does buying a gift from a registry work?

1. Browse your friend’s baby registry and choose a gift you’d like to purchase for them.
2. Press the “Add to Cart” button on the item.
3. From there, you can choose to add more gifts or to proceed to Checkout.
4. At Checkout, you can add a special message, select if you would to add gift wrapping and pay using any of our payment methods.

We’ll deliver your gift to their babyshower* or you can choose to have the gift delivered to you instead to wrap and bring it along to the event yourself.

*You won’t need to take a gift with you to the event. The registry closes 1 week prior to the event and we will have your gift delivered to the event ready to be opened with the other gifts. If you’ve chosen for your gift to be gift wrapped, it will be dolled up in our beautiful Babalustful gift wrapping.